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Moving impact forward, faster with focus

Coaching and Counsel

How do you  transform the quality of the leader’s thinking and actions to maximize team impact?


How do you close the gap between what desired impact and actual outcomes?


Policy &  Strategic 

What does it take to work across sectors to successfully communicate for positive policy outcomes?


Team Building

How do you build the team to get the desired results?


What: Ali Webb Strategies advises leaders and advances strategies that help organizations bridge the gap between expectations and outcomes. Often, the difference between a good idea and a great result is about the people involved. How leaders lead and teams are designed and developed matters. Social change efforts need capital to create change: people, resources and knowledge. AWS can help you maximize all three with an equity lens.


How: We can help with:

  • Cultural Competency Assessment and Team Development

  • Leadership coaching and counsel

  • Program Assessment and Strategy Development

  • Policy and Strategic Communications

    • Communications audits​

  • Team Building


Who: We partner with other firms to develop the the most talented, diverse and culturally competent team to meet all your consulting needs.

Current partners include:

Keecha Harris and Associates -- KHA works with philanthropy, corporations and NGOs to help them understand the impact and capacity of their social investments at the community level and beyond.

InPartnership Consultants -- InPartnership Consulting  is an organizational development and strategic change firm that assesses, designs and delivers programs that foster inclusive environments in which leadership and teamwork can flourish.

Andrea Collier -- Writer and photographer, Lansing, MI 

K2 Consulting -- Writing, editing and publication design, White Stone, VA

Langhum Mitchell Communications -- Communications and public relations, Washington, D.C.




PO Box 1139, 

White Stone, VA 22457

Tel: 269 274-2896

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