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Policy and Strategic Communications

We can help you review, assess and significantly improve how you are communicating, to achieve your policy targets. Or we can start at the beginning and help you develop a policy agenda and the communications and advocacy tools needed to get there.


A key part of how we work is rooted in methodology developed by The FrameWorks Institute. We start with the idea that in order to create space for policy change, you have to fundamentally change the conversation about the issue. To do that, you first need to understand how  people now think about the issue? Then you change the way you communicate to trigger a different way of thinking.


The new elements of the story include *:

• This is a serious problem needs to be addressed.

• Establishes the size and scope of problem.

• A solution is possible.

• A group of people need to come together for the solution to happen.

• It will take teamwork and many different people and skills.

• Describe the future when problem is solved.


*Bales, Susan Nall. (2009). How to Tell Stories About Global Advocacy -- A FrameWorks Storytelling Guide. Washington, DC: FrameWorks Institute. 


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